Bear thesis on Oroco, $OCO, $ORRCF

“Invert always Invert” - Charlie Munger

As you probably know I’m bullish on Oroco

Start with the A's
Oroco Resources
Summary My highest stock conviction, is at least 300% to 1000% from today's prices, even if copper prices don't go up. This stock offers a leverage play on copper without any debt. For every $0.01 that copper goes up, this company’s value goes up to $0.04…
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but I will like to open a space to hear bear cases on the stock… because I can’t find it!

Let me ask you:

  • could there be a mistake in the resource calculation?

  • can concessions be taken away?

  • can the government take their property?

  • Intrest rates

  • copper prices need to be over $3.5

  • Why is management not showing the helicopter scans results (even Id been asking for a while)?

Of course, but I’m asking for more detailed fact base ideas. If you have any I really appreciate it!